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It’s hard for any woman to look in the mirror and be like “Yeah! Great job!”

Well, that’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.


Pushing Daisies is really relatable to me b/c I also struggle with the fact that I can’t touch Lee Pace.

The day the first Hunger Games came out was a kind of bizarre day for me because I wasn’t famous 24 hours earlier and I got up to go about my day as usual and went to the grocery store. All of a sudden there were like 25 paparazzi following me and there was a three-car pile up. I was really terrified and I went home and locked myself in the house. I couldn’t really process anything.

Honestly, nobody’s recognizing me. Maybe it’s because Finnick always has his top off. I’ve not been walking round much with my top off.


don’t talk to me unless it’s about Hannibal goodbye


and on your left we can see the hannibal fandom having a nervous breakdown